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I can hear now and love it!
Mrs. Gracy B., Rayne, LA

I am very pleased with my hearing aids. I don’t even know I have them on. There’s a big difference in my hearing ability. Praise God.
Mrs. Maria C., League City, TX

My life has been greatly improved. I can hear people talking and sounds I have never heard before. I can hear the priest at my church loud and clear, while I couldn’t before. The music and service is beautiful. I do not regret buying my hearing aids from Brown Hearing Centers.
Ms. Lydia F., Dickinson, TX

I can hear people around me more and I do not have to have my TV so loud!
Mrs. Mickie P., East Bernard, TX

It’s really nice to be able to hear better. I always felt ‘left out’ of most conversations because my hearing was going from bad to worse. Thank you for this major improvement in my life.
Mrs. Mary P., Magnolia, TX

My wife does not have to ask me to turn down the volume on the TV, because now the neighbors won’t complain about the noise!
Mr. Robert P., Magnolia, TX

I am able to understand words better.  The TV is set lower and helps with the Tinnitus.
Ms. Barbara O., Shiner, TX

I can hear the sermon in church for first time and I do not have to turn the TV on loud.
Mr. Tony R., Beaumont, TX

I am very happy with my hearing aid. It is nice to hear people without saying “what” every time they say something.
Mrs. Tessie D., Canton, TX

I can really hear much, much better. I can hear things I haven’t heard in years. I can even hear my wife’s voice well now.
Tim M., Columbia, LA

I have been able to hear things I have not been able to hear in years
Mary J., Port Neches, TX

I am surprised at the sounds I have forgotten about.  The hearing aids are so comfortable.  I forget they are in there.  I’m pleased with them.  I had some from another company and never could hear out of them.  Both consultants who helped me were very patient and helpful.
Jackie M., Beaumont, TX

It is no longer a ‘silent’ world. There is no way that I could function without my hearing aids.
Howard L., Groves, TX

I can hear what people are saying. I can hear the preacher on Sunday morning too. Now I cannot tell my wife I cannot hear her. I do not have to turn the TV up loud. My wife is so happy for this.
Howard L., Bremond, TX

“I really didn’t realize how badly I needed help with my hearing. Now, thanks to Matt at Brown Hearing Centers, it’s a pleasure to not have to ask someone to repeat themselves! I recommend Brown Hearing Centers everyone!”
R. B., Schulenburg, TX

“Brown Hearing Centers and their specialist, Matt, have made conversation with my wife so much easier.”
R. S., Beaumont, TX

“I never imagined how much better my hearing could be. I am very happy with my hearing aids from Josh at Brown Hearing Centers.”
Virginia, Springhill, LA

“Josh was very competent with fitting my aids, and setting the level of hearing that I needed. Josh at Brown Hearing Centers has become a friend I can trust. Thank you again!”
G. G., Winnfield, LA

“I am very pleased with Brown Hearing Centers. It is such a blessing to hear again. We are especially pleased with Josh. He went the extra mile for me and my mother-in-law and his patience and professional attitude was exemplary.”
Z. P., Jena, LA

“I love being able to hear again especially in church. The family doesn’t have to repeat everything several times.”
Rosalie M., Lumberton, TX

“The hearing aids have changed my life! All the info Eddie gave to me was amazing. He took his time and really helped a lot.” “Eddie was wonderful and so helpful!!”
Ms. Jean L., Nederland, TX

“I can now hear conversations better… I don’t have to pretend I am hearing all of a conversation… Thank you Casey for your help!”
Mr. Tim E., Beaumont, TX