About Brown Hearing Centers

Over half a century ago, Lee Brown committed himself to realizing his dream of helping people hear better and improve their quality of life. With that goal in mind, he forged ahead and opened the first office in Victoria, Texas, with a simple mission to provide quality service to those seeking assistance. Lee Brown was there to help people, and they came from everywhere to see him. From those who couldn’t quite make out what their grandchildren were saying, to those who couldn’t hear songbirds in the yard – they came searching for a way to enrich their lives, and left with the gift of better hearing. It was just that simple.

We at Brown Hearing Centers agree with our Founder and believe it’s still as simple as it was when he started in 1962. Though we have expanded exponentially over the years, and serve people in over 300 centers throughout Texas and Louisiana, we still believe that an uncomplicated, one on one approach is the best. Whether you’re a musician who has a hard time picking out certain notes, or a severely impaired patient who can’t hear fire alarms ring, we want to help you and will work hard to earn your trust.

Lee Brown’s father painting one of our early office signs circa 1966. 

Just like you, we have experienced life’s challenges, and we look back in appreciation of what we have learned from the past. We have learned the value of the concept of a straightforward all-inclusive approach to our craft: No hidden fees, no surprises, and superlative service is not only our motto, it’s our creed. We have learned that even in modern times, it’s still good to conduct business the “old fashioned” way. We have recognized that our customers cannot always come to us like they used to, so we offer house calls and in return, enjoy the rare opportunity to visit with them in their residence to develop a personal relationship rather than just a business acquaintance.

With everything we learned from the past, we came to realize that it was time to move forward. We spread our wings and created a home office, complete with a hearing aid laboratory and repair center in Orange, Texas right on the border of Louisiana. In addition, we have established award-winning offices in Nederland, Texas and Beaumont, Texas.  We also collaborate with Care Credit and Allegro Credit to offer hearing health financing, and incorporated insurance filing to facilitate claims for hearing equipment purchases for our clients.

We have grown from Lee Brown’s one man approach in 1962, to the realization of his dream, by providing hearing services to over thousands of people in Texas and Louisiana through the training, education, and utilization of Licensed Hearing Specialists. We still remain committed to researching the latest trends in digital hearing technology and ensuring that each member of our team is educated extensively on the availability and application of every possible measure to enhance our patient’s hearing. It’s still simple…We work hard, to make life sound better, just like our founder.

Lee Brown’s commitment to honesty, fairness, and excellence created a unique opportunity for all of us at Brown Hearing Centers; and we are dedicated to honoring his legacy by continuing to “walk in his shoes” and go door to door when necessary promoting hearing health for those in need. We take pride in the fact that, after more than 60 years, our business remains family owned and operated. Several of our hearing specialists have the distinction of being family members themselves, and all of them have a personal commitment to excellence. With us, you are not dealing with just some “fly by night” company, you are working with someone who will stand with you sale-to-service and year to year.

If you’re ready for help with your hearing problem or that of your loved one…we are ready to show you that the way we do business makes the difference.

We welcome you to visit any one of our offices or call 1-800-392-1042 for an appointment.

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